Create value with a digital product for Millennials


The study conducted has revealed deep insights from the Millennials target group. The challenge now is to solve the following main problem:


“What new digital product could UNIQA offer tomorrow in order to provide simplicity in urban Millennials’ everyday life so that they can flourish in their personal development?”


Subtopics to keep in mind:

  1. Think about all sorts of stress while living in a city and the mental health issues arising from this – how can we reduce complexity and create calmness
  2. Think about moving in or to a city – how can the whole process (searching, decision, moving, social transition and bureaucracy) be made easier
  3. Think about opportunities to join communities to create a sense of belonging


The following essential criteria are required by UNIQA for this challenge:

  • The challenge is not to find a new marketing strategy, it is to find new ways on how to evolve in order to better serve Millennials
  • The new product has to generate profit directly or indirectly and be in line with the UNIQA strategy
  • The product should be anything that delivers additional value to customers
  • The product should NOT be a separate App. Instead, think of an additional feature in the “myUNIQA APP”
  • Further focus on: Life at home (living) and in the urban area
  • What USP could UNIQA establish beyond a competent advisor?
  • Must be a digital product